I am fascinated by virtually everything I see.
While most people see a pretty flower, a rusty can, a baby’s hands or a crashing wave… I see paintings. I am always considering how I would paint it… and in what medium and how
it makes me feel.

John Singer Sargent has always been my idol. His oils and watercolors are masterful observations of the play of light and shape.

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For me art is a kind of meditation.
When you sit before the subject of your
fascination you see it more intensely than when you just look out the car window or pass it by on a hike. It is almost as if you become one with it. With its essence…the boundaries between you and it become blurred.

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I get lost in the sheer wonder of the universe.
And it feels as though my mission is to praise with paint all that I see.

My father once told me if I could find a job doing something I would do for free that would be the key to success. He was right...

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