A Visual Journey

Growing up in Riverdale Georgia I could have never imagined the career path that was waiting for me. It would have seemed like a life you could only imagine happens to other people.  But I am living proof that the dreams you dare to dream can come true.  

As a kid I loved to draw. I lost track of time drawing every little thing I saw.  My parents, while not artists, were true craftsmen.  My mother held a full time job yet still found the time to sew most of our clothes, start a part time business decorating wedding cakes all while being   my Girl Scout troop leader. My father, apart from being a pilot, was an upholsterer, wood worker and made beautiful stain glass.  Between the two of them I learned you could make or create most anything you want and need.  And so that is what I did… and am still doing today.  

My ability to sew and draw led to me help out in the Costume shop when I was cast in a West Georgia College play my junior year.  That in turn led me to receive a Fellowship from University of Virginia where I earned an MFA in Fine Arts with an emphasis in Costume Design. My journey from there took me to Minneapolis, England and a 6 year residency in Wellington, New Zealand.  While living in NZ I  began working for Downstage Theatre Company.  Soon I was asked to work for the famed Silverscreen Production Company and from there the Film and Television world opened up and my career took a turn I never saw coming.  

As a Costume Designer for over 20 years I got to travel the world and work with amazing individuals and celebrities I only dreamed of meeting as a kid.  I landed the dream role of Costume Designer for Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman and in 1996 was nominated for an Emmy Award. We filmed at Paramount Ranch in Agoura Hills California only miles from where I live today. During that time Jane Seymour, the star of Dr. Quinn, and I became more than friends and colleagues. We became painting partners.  Our mutual love of color, texture and painting developed into a line of clothing for Crossing Point and a home collection for SAKS Incorporated.  

Jane is without a doubt the most remarkable woman I have ever met.  Her creativity, and passion for life, combined with her sheer drive and determination is inspiring.  I feel privileged to be her friend and partner in design. Currently I am the head Designer and Brand Manager for Jane Seymour Designs. We have worked together for over 21 years. We have several licensing partners such as KAY Jewelers with the Open Hearts Collection, and Furniture Collection with Michael Amini/ AICO. To see the entire list of partners visit janeseymour.com

Throughout my life I have maintained my passion for the arts. However work and family life left little time for painting.  But as my daughter prepares for her last year of high school I am beginning to imagine a new chapter in my journey.  A time to share the paintings and thoughts I dream about.  I am fascinated by virtually everything I see. While most people see a pretty flower, a rusty can, a baby’s hands or a crashing wave… I see a painting. I am always considering how I would paint it… and in what medium and how it makes me feel.   John Singer Sargent has always been my idol. His oils and watercolors are masterful observations of the play of light and shape. I have come to be friends with some very accomplished artists who also paint in the tradition of Sargent.  Masters in their own right Richard Schmid richardschmid.com/  and his lovely wife Nancy Guzik, nancyguzik.com   Michelle Dunaway, dunawayfineart.com Jeremy Lipking  lipking.com and Daniel Keys danieljkeys.com.  As for watercolor I really enjoyed painting alongside Joe Cibere. joeciberewatercolors.com

For me art is a kind of meditation.  When you sit before the subject of your fascination you see it more intensely than when you just look out the car window or pass it by on a hike.  It is almost as if you become one with it. With its essence…the boundaries between you and it become blurred.  I get lost in the sheer wonder of the universe. And it feels as though my mission is to praise with paint all that I see.

My father once told me if I could find a job doing something I would do for free that would be the key to success.  He was right. Life is Good!  Don’t let my secret out!

Live to Love...and Love to live!!!

Walking with Richard Schmid


Commercials: Nissan, Mc Donalds, Gerber, Clairol, KAY

Television: Shark in The Park, NZ Public Eye Crime Scene US TV : See IMDB for More, Hazel Eyes, Dr Quinn Medicine Woman 1994-97 Emmy Nomination, Marriage of Convenience, Blackout

Features: Road Home NZ, Typhoons People NZ, Submerged, Italy, Enslavement, Blind Dating, Rugged Gold 1994, The New Swiss Family Robinson .


 Williamsburg Virginia: William and Mary Shakespeare Festival  Costume Shop 1986

Guthrie Theatre  Costume Shop 1986-87

Minnesota Opera Company

Santé Fe Opera Company

Minnesota Ballet Company

New Zealand Royal Ballet Company

Downstage Theatre Company 1987-1990
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